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Do you feel like your traffic ticket was unjustified? Are you being falsely accused of driving while intoxicated (DWI)? You want our team on your side. Rely on Wyatt Underwood to support you during this time, offering legal representation throughout El Paso, TX. Please note that our traffic ticket lawyers only take on tickets issued by the El Paso Police Department.

If you're facing a DWI, a lawyer can help you better understand your charges and build your defense. Discuss your options with Wyatt Underwood.

We'll advocate for you in court

You have a busy schedule, and fighting a traffic ticket doesn't always fit on your calendar. When you hire our traffic ticket lawyers, we will...

  • Gather all the information about the incident
  • Put together a strong argument on your behalf
  • Speak up for you in the courtroom
  • Advocate for the ticket to be dismissed

Whether you're facing a parking ticket or a DWI, a lawyer is a valuable resource for you during his time. Schedule an appointment with us by calling 915-485-9100 today.