Criminal Charges?

Attorney Dereck Wyatt and his office staff working on a case.


Claims of self-defense, lack of witnesses and other issues can make a case of assault complicated. We will help you find the best resolution possible. Get the edge on your case by letting us represent you. Under certain circumstances, we can get the prosecutor to not file charges, reduce assault charges to a lesser offense or drop the charges altogether.


Warning! You only have 15 days to save your driver’s license!! Your freedom, your reputation, your license, and job are on the line. We will help you, whether you were charged and arrested for a DWI or DUI.  WyattUnderwood aggressively and effectively defends even the most difficult DWI and DUI cases. Our wins for our clients are often highlighted in local, and sometimes national, news.


We are on your side. We will help get you the best deal possible.
We know how to fight this fight for you.
The outcome depends on your previous record, on what happened, and on the judge.
If we think you have a better shot, we will go to trial. In many cases, there is the possibility of probation or community supervision.

Class A- Max 1 year in county jail and/or a fine of not more than $4,000
Class B- Max 180 days in county jail and/or a fine of not more than $2,000


Intoxicated Assault is not the same as a DWI. It is a very serious federal offense. Intoxicated Assault is a 3 rd degree felony with a possible sentence of 2-10 years in prison.  These cases are very challenging.  Our attorneys have many years of experience working with our clients on Intoxicated Assault cases.


Contact us as soon as possible if you have been charged with a drug crime. In some cases, it may be possible to suppress evidence that was illegally obtained.  There exists the possibility of a charge being moved from a State to a Federal court.


Capital murder/ criminal homicide charges have the most serious punishments. First degree murder (capital murder), can result in the death penalty or a prison life sentence without the possibility of parole. Talk to us so we can determine the best defense for you.  Some defenses to murder charges include lack of intent, lack of knowledge, insanity, intoxication, and self-defense.


It is possible for an individual to be found guilty of a felony and avoid jail altogether, especially with the help of an experienced attorney. The sentence can range from prison time, to restitution, fines, court fees, community service, probation, etc.
Being a convicted felon goes beyond the sentence, including prohibition of owning or possessing firearms, the loss of the right to vote, and can affect employment

Expertise is The KEY:

Dereck Wyatt has been called to testify in court as an expert witness. He has spoken to many groups, ranging from Mexican legal officials to college students. He has also given numerous media interviews and has appeared on several television and radio programs.

For Family Legal Issues

At WyattUnderwood, we understand the traumatic experience that facing a family member or spouse in court can represent. Our attorneys have extensive experience and will help you understand your case’s process and what to expect, minimizing surprises and stress.  Whether you’re needs require representation in a divorce case, child custody, child support, or perhaps pre-planning with a prenuptual agreement, we can help.

Our client’s cases in family law include:

  • Divorce Cases

  • Child Custody 

  • Child Support

  • Pre and Postnuptial Agreements

  • Modifications

  • CPS Investigations

Dedication and Perseverance:

Justin Underwood was a member of the Varsity Wrestling Team and lettered all four years while attending Hanks High School. Twice, Justin was a District Champion in his weight class and a Team Captain his senior year. Justin qualified for the State Wrestling Tournament twice while in High School. Much of his dedication and perseverance in this demanding sport fueled his achievements after graduation.

Injured? We can HELP

Did you know that insurance companies have specialized lawyers working around the clock to deny your claim?

Their goal is to offer you or settle for the lowest amount possible, regardless of the pain and long term suffering the negligence may have caused. You need a team that will stand up and demand the best settlement possible.

Our attorneys work effectively and efficiently towards the goal of obtaining positive results for our clients. The insurance companies have attorneys working with them and we recommend that you have experienced attorneys on your side as well.

Depending on your case,  we can demand compensation for:

  • Economic Damages

  • Pain & Suffering

  • Future Loss of Wages

  • Future medical Expenses

A history of CARING in Representation:

Elena Gresheim worked at Texas RioGrande Legal Aid under a fellowship where she helped provide legal services at no cost.


No older than 2011

Class C Misdemeanors

  • Citation – $75
  • Warrant – $75

Moving Violations

  • Citation – $25
  • Warrant – $50

Animal Control Citation

  • Citation – $25
  • Warrant – $50

Our TEAM on YOUR side:

Our firm is comprised of a professional staff and experienced attorneys that will go to work on your behalf to fight for a fair and just outcome in the court room.   

You want US on your side on that court date


The Fair Debt Collection Act is there to protect you.  It was created to protect you from unfair persecution for financial reasons.  Let’s face it, times can be tough and unexpected events happen.  Our experienced attorneys can help you understand the law and your rights.


The hardships and emotional strain of dealing with the passing of a family member that did not have a will can take a huge toll on loved ones. It doesn’t have to be this way.  We can help you plan for your future by drafting wills and express your exact wishes, setting up guardianship and special needs trusts.  We can also help you with all of the legal proceedings that take place when a loved one has passed without a will.


Everyone is guaranteed rights in a tenant/landlord agreement and having a legal expert by your side will give you the best chance at a dispute settlement in your favor.


You might know some of the laws governing verbal and written contracts and you might have even heard a myth or two about contracts in Texas. Are you willing to take a chance on a matter that could cost you hard earned income?  Our attorneys have extensive experience in contract litigation.  Give us a call!